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Finlay & Co – One Year Anniversary

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Nagiib got an invite for the Finlay & Co’s first year anniversary event and was left extremely impressed by the unique eyewear brand. Read all about it below…



I have been searching for wooden sunglasses, believe it or not, since the beginning of the year. A pair of them is the perfect accessory for the summer, giving a more eclectic touch to the natural in your wardrobe. I have a fascination with nature, especially when the weather clears up. Fortunately, an invitation to Finlay & Co’s One Year Anniversary arrived for me in the office, and I didn’t think twice about attending the event. I felt so welcome in this little pop-up shop, where other brands were also stocked.  The collection looked amazing very sophisticated, with the likes of David Gandy rocking them, looks like they are doing well.

I went dressed very 90’s sport and quickly drowned in a sea of dandy-looking guests, but that is me surviving the London summer. Comfort is very important when you are traveling in the heat of the underground. The only accessory that truly stands out is your sunglasses, the perfect addition to showcase your personality. Finlay & Co shades look not over the top slick, someone must look very close to see the grace of these individual unique pieces.

While the extremely stylish DJ was playing a casual tune, brand ambassador Edward Vickers stroke up a conversation to further define the essence of the brand. If ever a presentation was well formed, this was the time. “We thrive on the values of British fashion, always trying to produce something distinct and spectacular.” I learned all about the philosophy of Finlay & Co and Edward’s humanitarian work with Jollie’s Socks where every pair of socks sold is to give aid to the homeless in the United Kingdom.

Finlay & Co is a brand to watch, very excited to see what the future collections will bring to the world of sunglasses. What’s your favourite brand of shades? Tell me all about it by commenting below!


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