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Musical Mondays

Posted by Team BassBuds on

Here at BassBuds HQ we absolutely love our music!

We all have our certain genres we listen to so what we thought we would do is share them with you and let you know who’s listening to what in the office this lovely sunny Monday!

Corene is loving Elli Ingram – All Caught Up at the moment. Elli’s music is incredibly melodic – she has been described as “The Adele of Hip Hop”  and is also signed to the legendary Island Record label which also hosted the brilliant late Amy Winehouse as one of their coveted allumi

Check out this massive tune –

Freja is loving Elektromekanik & Happy Gutenberg – Baby (Inner Rebels remix). “Elektromekanik” is actually Victor Gunta who is a Romanian DJ and producer who specialises in Nu Disco and House – he has had help from Inner Rebels on mixing this track. He has remixed songs by Lana Del Ray and the like. Definitely worth a listen when you’re laying poolside or even in the garden

Benjy is listening to Imagine Dragons – It’s Time. Imagine Dragons have been on the up since September 2012 after releasing their debut studio album ‘Night Visions’. They are from the party city Las Vegas (yes i’m jealous i’m not there too) and their album is PLATINUM in 12 countries! Definitely a great song to jam to when you are home alone and can get totally animated in singing along to it!

Eve is listening to Banks – Beggin’ For Thread. Nominated for Sound of 2014, Jillian Banks (stylised as BANKS) is a born and bred LA singer/songwriter. She was also labelled ‘Artist To Watch’ by Fox Weekly and has numerous celebrity fans such as Ellie Goulding. Definitely one to watch! Ideal to listen to after a long hard day at work, plug in and enjoy!



BassBuds HQ x

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