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Rivington Street adds to the UK’s festival season

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Our amazing London chick Corene had an incredible time at the Rivington Street Festival and even though the queues were typically British, she writes about all the music, the cocktails and awesome people who made the day unforgettable!

Rivington Street Festival


Five thousand people applied for a free wristband for the East London’s Rivington Street Festival on Sunday, June 23. Huddles of people streamed around the corner waiting to get in; both young and mature, parents with pushchairs mixed with all the over 21’s who showed up in masses. Since we had already registered, all we had to do was join a separate and shorter queue to be banded. This was at 2:45pm and I still hadn’t had brunch or anything laced with tequila. The festival security guard directed us to The Diner, an American setting with a typical Shoreditch atmosphere. Once we were done gorging on amazing food, we tipped the Diner staff and headed out onto Rivington Street.

The vibe had already started to escalate as we were greeted with a swash of Desperados and a wristband. You could already hear the whistles and loud drum’n’bass charging out from Cargo, the outdoor terraced bar and restaurant, which was to hold a live indoor showcase later on in the evening.

The street was lavished with market stalls selling printed t-shirts, jewellery, makeovers, hats and even free haircuts for guys. Wray and Nephew had their own stall selling Wray cocktails, the queue for which spiraled out of control and many people seemed to get impatient; a similar situation was at the Red Bull photo booth at the end of the street – everyone wanted a picture to remember the amazing day. I tasted some of the best Margaritas I’ve ever had only for £4 at Callooh Calley, an award winning cocktail bar! The diversity of all nations enjoying the ambiance finally provoked the weather and the sun peaked through the clouds, causing everyone to cheer and sway a little more to the thumping bass.

Obviously being London meant that rain is always a possibility and yes…around 7pm it did pour down but that didn’t stop anyone still cutting shapes in their anoraks. We left at 9:30pm with people still eager to get inside. Overall, we enjoyed an awesome day at Rivington Street Festival and next year we’ll make sure that BassBuds has a stall there because the 9hour long festival had more visitors who loved loud bass than anywhere else on that day!

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