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Our Story

Steven Beckford, CEO and founder, officially launched BassBuds™ in 2012 in partnership with entertainment industry visionary Clint Ippoma who successfully develops new projects, launching them into the mainstream.

As a subsidiary brand of the market’s ground-breaking electrical goods company, BassBuds Sales Ltd, BassBuds™ fills the gap for fashion focused consumer electronics.

BassBuds™' UK launch in March 2013 was as sponsors of “The Show Tour” celebrating 90’s RNB stars with a line-up that included musical groups: SWV, Dru Hill, Blackstreet, Damage, Jodeci, and Changing Faces

The event at Wembley Arena was a star studded event with Supermodel, Tyson Beckford and JLS in attendance alongside 11,000 fans.

Since then, we at BassBuds™ are delighted by the positive reviews we’ve received over the year from a host of specialist technology publications and websites.

In addition to our enormous excitement by the overwhelming enthusiasm of so many celebrities who have supported us through social media to tell the world how impressed they are with BassBuds™.

Work continues on perfecting the next generation of our products and plenty of compelling new ventures.